What is the difference between the Budget Package and the Full Package?

Budget Package includes the following: The full structure with roof, windows, outside doors as per quotation, plus partitions, inside doors and ceiling, inside cladding of structure walls.

Full Package includes the following: The full structure with roof, windows, outside doors as per quotation, plus partitions, inside doors and ceiling, cladding of inside structure walls, kitchen set as per quotation, bathroom set as per quotation, build in cupboards as per quotation, plumbing and electricity (inside). Outside plumbing and electricity can be done, but distance can only be established once the structure has been erected. 

Why are there no prices in the catalogue?

The reason we do not advertise prices is because every client has their own specifications, sizes, different areas etc. With our extended range of options available we therefore require the questionnaire to be completed by the client in order to supply them with the correct quotation.

 What type of structures can be manufactured and installed?

Bachelor flats, granny flats, backpackers, family homes, guest houses, game lodges, schools, churches or just a holiday home at the coast.  You name it … we do it …!!!

What type of log profiles/products is available for these units?

All log cabins/homes cladded on the outside with 16/85mm Baby Logs   

All log/timber homes cladded on the outside with 22/100mm Half Logs    

All log/timber homes cladded on the outside with 22/90mm Shiplap 

All log/timber homes cladded on the outside with 32/100mm Half Logs 

Vermont (Nutec) 9mm/225mm 

Nutec Board – 9mm 

Treatment is an Optional Extra.

 Can I ask for a custom design? Or if I have my own plans or drawings, can you assist us?

Yes, we are flexible to accommodate the clients and our Sales team are trained to assist you with your own concept.

What is a Timber Home?

Timber Frame is the most widely used structural building method in the world offering a fast, eco- friendly highly insulated building solution. The walls are manufactured on site or pre-manufactured in panels, and then raised and fitted onto the floor platform of the building, with the next floor platform, in the case of a double storey building, resting on the frames. External cladding can be timber in various options, a manufactured fibre-cement building plank which can be painted to any colour, or a smooth plastered cementitious finish. Internal cladding can be smooth skimmed dry walling, or timber panelling in an various profiles, textures and styles. With Timber Homes, utilising easily transportable lightweight materials which greatly reduces disturbance to the surrounding environment during the construction process. From a design point of view timber is an ideal material to work with providing unlimited scope, whether  it be to blend in with the natural surroundings, achieve clean lines, intricate detail or impressive beams and structureAll timber used in construction is strength graded according to standards set by the South African Bureau of Standards (SABS). The SA National Building Regulations (NHBRC) enforces the use of graded timber for structural purposes. The Timber Homes is recommended to also be used in coastal areas, outlawing black cross, commercial and industrial grades for use in a structural role.  On-going research and vast plantations located across the country ensures the continuous supply of this valuable resource. (A house typically cladded with half logs (32mm/100) or even full logs. 

What is a Galvanized Steel Home?

This exactly the same as any of the other homes, the only difference is that the frame and roof is manufactured with Light Galvanized Steel and cladded with your choice of cladding. Steel Specifications:  “SFD” – 0.8mm x 89mm Light Gauge C-Section Steel, G550 High Tensile, Z275 Coating as per SANS-517.

What is a Log Home?

A Log house (or log home) is structurally identical to a log cabin.

What is a Vermont (Nutec) Home?

Vermont (Nutec) is actually a trade name for a particular type of Fibre Cement board. It’s a particularly high quality Fibre Cement Board which complies with all relevant SABS standards and is formulated specifically for the cladding of outdoor structures.  Manufactured from 9/225mm Nutec-handiplank.

What is a Shiplap Home?

Ship Lap is a type of drop lap siding with a tight “flush joint” profile. It is similar to tongue & groove but with a single overlap. Ship lap can be installed horizontally or vertically with the edge of one board having a recessed area which received the shaped top edge of the board next to or below it. Ship lap is known for its ability to form a tight seal while allowing the wood siding to “breath” with changes in season & humidity

What is the meaning of cladded or cladding?

This is the type of covering intended to make an outside or inside wall look like it is made of a certain material.  Some of the most common examples on the outside of wooden structures are baby logs, half logs, Vermont (Nutec). Inside cladding can be done with are baby logs, half logs, Vermont (Nutec) or gypsum board.

In which areas can installations be done?

Installations in all areas of South Africa, Namibia, Mozambique and Botswana.

Is the structural timber used for manufacturing approved?

Structural timber used for manufacturing is SABS approved. Structural timber is S5 inland and H3 coastal (TBTN treated).

Is the Timber Homes & Galvanized Steel Homes build according to regulations?

All building are in accordance with SANS 10400, SANS 10400XA, SANS 10082 and SANS 517 regulations and specifications.

Is there a warranty available?

All galvanized steel or timber or log homes comes with a 10 years workmanship warranty from Contractor – Extended warranties available on new orders at an optional fee.

Will the insurance companies cover a Timber Home or Log Home?

Most insurance companies cover these structures if it is build according to the prescribed regulations.

What is the life cycle of a Timber or Log Home?

Same cycle as any other well-constructed building and in some instances considerably longer than brick and mortar buildings.

How does one prevent termites and insects to attack the Timber and Log Homes?

All timber components are treated to comply with the SABS standards and termite infestation is therefore eliminated.

How does maintenance work on Timber Homes?

External paint and varnish finishes is similar to brick and mortar buildings.

What is the “life” span of these homes in comparison with brick and mortar homes.

As long as any other well constructed building and in some cases considerably longer than a brick and mortar building. No treatment necessary as all timber is CCA treated and Nutec does not have any maintenance.

How does maintenance work on a Vermont (Nutec) Home?

Maintenance on the Vermont (Nutec) compares with plastered brick walls.

How does maintenance work on a Log Home?

Maintenance on the Log Home is on a yearly basis. When external paint is used every 3 years. Thus means over an extended period of time, maintenance of log homes is less expensive than conventional homes.

Is these structures temporary or permanent fixtures?

It can be both, because of the robust, durable and modular pre-manufactured system, the home is perfectly suited as a permanent structure but is also very simple to disassemble and re-locate with excellent recovery on all components.

What is the advantages and warranty of the Light Galvanized Steel Frames?

Time of construction is minimized to half the time of installation. The structure is light and strong. Life expectancy of more than a millennium and minimal loss of coating after years of exposure were two indicators cited in a report available through Steel Framing Alliance that confirms steel viability under a number of climatic conditions….Four sites were chosen so that field results would be applicable to a large selection of homes and climates…. Among the findings:  steel with industry-standard galvanizing had a life expectancy as high as 1,260 years, and that the fastest coating corrosion rate observed was a loss of only 0.04 grams on Galfan plate samples.” Safal warranty that will be for a 50 year period if all requirements are met.

Will a steel frame perform well in any climate?

Yes. Not surprisingly steel is the preferred framing material in the extreme climate of North West Western Australia, for example, where temperatures can vary more than 40 degrees Celsius in a single day.

Will the steel framing system I choose be approved by all Councils and Financial Institutions?

Yes. NHBRC approval with an Engineer’s Certificate to satisfy Council requirements are provided as a matter of routine, and all Financial Institutions see steel framing as an excellent long-term investment.

Why won’t a steel frame rust?

Steel frames are made of steel protected against corrosion by a hot-dipped metallic coating of either a zinc-aluminium alloy, or almost pure zinc (galvanised). These coatings conform to the appropriate national standards or their equivalent. In external applications such as roofing these products are exposed to the elements and have excellent durability, so in less exposed applications such as inside the building envelope they weather more slowly. Where there are drill holes and cut edges the galvanic action, or sacrificial protection, of the coatings protects the exposed steel edge against corrosion

Who will assist with the drafting and approval of the plans?

We provide this service, by in-house draughtsman and will supply to fit the customer’s design.